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caulking gun loader, tube filler

Caulking Gun and Cartridge Loader Applications

The following information pertains to the variety of uses that our loader products are used for. Both caulking gun loaders and cartridge loaders are used in many different industries including; construction, industrial and maintenance. All Force-Flo models are adaptable to all caulking guns and cartridges on the market.

fire stopping

Loading Fire Stopping Material

Force-Flo loaders are ideal for use with firestopping material. They easily transfer viscous firestopping caulk from pail to gun. An added advantage: waste is eliminated, allowing complete usage of all material in the pail.

screw style loader, tube filler

EPDM Lap Sealants or Chinking Material

A Force-Flo loader eliminates a messy, time-consuming chore. It makes loading material fast and clean. Because the loader virtually eliminates air bubbles, you'll avoid messy spurts. Also, because the loader fits right in the pail, you can avoid "skimming over" the waste of partially-used pails.

caulking gun loaders, cartridge loaders, tube fillers

Loading Adhesives & Sealants

Caulking Gun Loaders Are "Secret Weapons" for Adhesive & Sealant Manufacturers Now you or your customers can easily load caulking guns and cartridges from 5-gallon pails.

Undercut Your Competitors

With a loader, your customers can buy economical 5-gallon pails of material from you...saving them hundreds of dollars per pail compared to buying competitor's prefilled cartridges.

Enough Power to Load Even the Thickest Material

The Screw Drive Loader handles the most viscous materials with ease.

Use It to Fill Small Orders Efficiently

Loaders are great for sample orders or other requests for product in need to use an expensive filling line. Takes seconds per gun or cartridge.

"Why Didn't Anybody Tell Me About These Tools Earlier?"

That's the comment we often hear from folks after seeing a loader in action!

Screw-Drive Loader for High Viscosity Materials

Five times the power of standard loaders; quickly transfers materials from pail to gun. Steel base plate lets operator stabilize pail while loading. Fits all caulking guns and cartridges on the market. Models for straight or tapered, metal or plastic pails. Available with neoprene or Viton® seals to keep material contamination-free and to assure thorough scrapping of the pail walls.

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